Grow Your Mini Eden Garden on a Balcony

Learn How to Grow Compact Abundance Anywhere

GIF artwork by Manzati showcasing the four stages of gardening: digging, seeding, watering, and growing.
Immerse yourself in the ‘Cycle of Life’ – art courtesy

Do you dream of growing your own food but don’t have a backyard or a big garden? No worries, we have the solution! At, we believe that everyone can grow their own mini Eden garden, even on a balcony or in the middle of the city.

“When I started two years ago, I would have never imagined how fast my garden would change. Looking back at today’s abundance, I still can’t believe it was so easy” J. Floerke, founder of

Grow your mini Eden garden on a Balcony!
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We are Eden gardeners. What are you waiting for?
What we offer:

  • Expert advice on how to grow a food forest on limited spaces
  • PDF learning material to help you get started
  • Workshops and lectures to deepen your knowledge
  • The dates and places where Jerome is going to speak in public

Contact us: Send us an email and learn more about:

  • What you can do
  • What we can do for you
  • How to make a difference in your community

Don’t wait any longer, start growing your own mini Eden garden today!