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Hello this is Jerome, Nara Furuichicho forest gardener for a sustainable Japan

“Replant Eden’s garden!”
Check out the presentation on Youtube: http://bit.ly/NiwamoriYoutube

I’m planting a forest garden in Nara Japan, we called it “Niwamori Food Forest Nara” or BFF (Bio Food forest). The Niwamori project will be a best practice showcase to encourage the Nara and Japanese government to “upgrade” the forest, the public and private green spaces. We will work on forest patches inside or just bordering the cities, and turn them into something similar to Satoyama, but more effective. I want to make Japan more self-sufficient in terms of food supply. We can prepare the country to energy shortages by encouraging the use of perennial plants combinations for a resilient ultra local food system.The forest garden has been proven to be the most effective system for compact, intensive, 4 seasons production on 7 layers of growth. It is climate change proof, sequestrates a lot of carbon and enhances soil life and biodiversity.

Please consider visiting Niwamori and learn about permaculture and food forestry with me. I’ll host you. I’ll teach you and even feed you “farm to table” if you are interested.
We have to train the new Japanese heroes asap, a new team of Captain Planet.

Check my Airbnb profile to learn more about the housing possibilities, private classes & team building are available upon request:
Here under is the album of my latest presentation at Pecha-Kucha Kyoto – The 6th extinction caused by industrial agriculture, Japan situation and a local system to supply clean food for all:
Here are my top resources to help a forest farmer have a healthy start. To resume, use woodchips, plant a lot of perennials and let the plants finish their life cycle naturally! You will create abundance within two years. Enjoy! TOP 10 Edible Perennial vegetables to plant in your garden or permaculture orchard! : https://youtu.be/1jZekaOtDb0
Bring tons of woodchips from a local tree crushing/recycling center and let it cover your soil for 6 months, then a miracle will happen. How to Plant Seeds in WOOD CHIPS, Back To Eden Garden : https://youtu.be/p7tN4ohZXfc
Finally, check out this mature food forest, for inspiration : https://youtu.be/6GJFL0MD9fc
Thank you for allowing me to help you and the rest of us.
Let’s change a bit of Japan, one garden forest at the time.
Looking forward to getting in touch with you and working towards a sustainable Japan together.
+81 (0)70 3928 1391

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